Our heroes begin their adventure into the thieves' guild to rescue Koughrk and find out what happened to Dirk's trinkets. And no one will get in their way, evidently.

Clae murders some people. Craigg murders some people. Sir Haagen Dazs murders some people.


Our heroes have found clues in Chief Manley's basement about how to navigate the Entwood safely. What will they find in the depths of the forest? Will they be able to find the missing chief and rescue Koughrk from the mysterious guildmaster that took him?

Craigg plays cards. Sir Haagen Dazs works on his aim. Clae gets scary.


While Botl recovers, our heroes have set out to fulfill her vague request to find the old police chief. Perhaps he could provide insight as to how to rescue Koughrk. If they manage to find him...

Clae has a breakthrough. Sir Haagen Dazs breaks through. Craigg doesn't break character.


Our heroes have been thrown out of the Entwood after losing Koughrk to a violent ambush. How will they manage to return to the heart of the forest without his help? And how will Botl react to his capture?

Sir Haagen Dazs arms himself. Craigg makes his appointment. Clae decieves a poor old woman.


Our heroes reunite to brave the mysterious Entwood to learn what lies at its heart. With the unflappable duo of Koughrk and Botl at their side, they can't possibly fail. Right?

Sir Haagen Dazs charges ahead. Craigg sees something shiny. Clae saves everyone.


Our heroes have made it to Stoneacre and met a wide assortment of people: The world's greatest actor, a terrible retailer run by a crooked Elf, and a Minotaur/Gnome buddy cop duo; The problem is that they haven't found the artificer yet. Can they track him down and get his help without having to do some long-winded side quest? Not in your wildest dreams.

Craigg joins the force. Clae takes a walk in the woods. Sir Haagen Dazs is on the case.


FRIENDS! Welcome to our first actual bonus episode where we explore the backstory of Craigg, the Tapdancing Sorcerer!

This episode is available for $5 on its own or by donating $5 monthly on our Patreon! That way, you can pick and choose which ones you get or just pay for the lot! (Spoilers, there are at least two more coming out in the coming weeks, so buy in bulk!)

Our heroes have been sent to the nearby city of Stoneacre to seek the resident artificer and hopefully get answers to some of their burning questions. Who is the mysterious straw man? What is the purpose of the mysterious amulet? What mysterious being is masquerading as Caleb? Quit asking and listen to the episode.

Sir Haagen Dazs falls in lust. Clae cooperates with the police. Craigg goes shopping.


In this final episode of Chapter One, our heroes learn that there's more to this boy than meets the eye. How will they deal with this new threat and keep Gwen safe?

Sir Haagen Dazs takes his pet on a walk. Clae has a drinking problem. Craigg ruins everything.


Our heroes have made a shocking discovery: the boy they found dead has turned up alive with no explanation. How can they prove that what they found in the cave was real?

Clae gets a present. Sir Haagen Dazs conducts an examination. Craigg probes deeper.


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