Our heroes have managed to rescue the Strawman's latest victims, now they must weed out the remaining doppelgangers from the peaceful village. Can they do it without turning the entire village (even more) against them?

Sir Haagen Dazs gets investigative. Craigg attempts to employ mind-torture. Clae has a moral crisis.


After defeating the Strawman in his new metallic body, our heroes set out to restore the Bullywug king to his rightful throne. Again.

Clae works on their wrasslin'. Sir Haagen Dazs forgets to clean his glasses. Craigg takes the shot.

October 30, 2017

Chapter One Recap

Due to audio issues with Chapter One, we've decided to do a full recap of the chapter so those of you who don't want to slog through the audio problems can still enjoy the rest of the show!


At last, our heroes have managed to catch the Strawman in the act. Can they save the innkeeper's son before the Strawman claims his next victim?

Clae practices medicine. Craigg starts a fire. Sir Haagen Dazs unleashes his full power.



After thoroughly interrogating the innkeeper's doppelganger, our heroes head back to the Bullywug village in the hopes of intercepting his brother and finding the Strawman's hideout (hint: it's in exactly the same place as it was before, go figure).

Sir Haagen Dazs makes himself at home. Clae swings for the fences. Craigg reconnects.


Before leaving Stoneacre, our heroes decide to tie up some loose ends with their favorite high-quality retailer...

After meeting with the (not so) mysterious Blue Maple Society, our heroes have decided to get some answers from their friendly neighborhood innkeeper, who they're convinced is neither friendly, from the neighborhood, or an innkeeper.

Sir Haagen Dazs gets insightful. Craigg gets a little dark. Clae gets some answers, dammit.


After learning what has happened to Maplebrook in their absence, our heroes do a little digging around town before meeting with the mayor later at night. His instructions were to meet at the "Sign of the Blue Maple," whatever the hell that means.

Craigg beguiles us with story and song. Sir Haagen Dazs is not quite stealthy. Clae tends bar.


Much seems to have changed in Maplebrook in the last week. Met with a very cold reception, our heroes set out to find the cause of the town's sudden militarization.

Sir Haagen Dazs remains cautious. Clae rushes in. Craigg is on very thin ice.

September 9, 2017

Ch. 3: Ep. 3 - One Last Chance

After being apprehended by a marauding band of orcs on the way to Maplebrook, our heroes come face to face with the mysterious Strawman again. Why has he captured them? What does he want with Maplebrook? Our heroes are given one last chance to save themselves.

Sir Haagen Dazs meets the local wildlife. Craigg takes off his shirt. Clae has a quiet chat.


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